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We are passionate about providing ideas and information, as we believe a better understanding of a subject leads to a more enjoyable experience of money matters and, as a result, better financial decisions are made.

The videos below will provide you with more on some of the key areas we deal with:

Tax Planning for Directors

Directors and business owners are commonly in a position where they can control how their personal finances interact with those of their business.

This opens a host of opportunities, some of which may not be known.

This video outlines how directors and owner/managers can approach this and make the best of their position.

Planning your Business Succession

If you own your business, in part or in whole, then inevitably there will come a day where this ownership gets passed on, in some way or another.

Looking ahead and plotting your business succession strategy can not start too early, even if you are not currently thinking of this as a short-term goal.

The succession planning, even years in advance has surprising and positive knock-on effects.

This is a video which explores this topic further.

Starting a Business

If you are starting a business, or thinking of doing so, then there are many ways we can help you as accountants.

There’s a lot to sort, and a lot to get right.

In this video we highlight the typical list of things you will have to attend to, and show you where we can fit in and why this could make a big, positive difference to you as you set off on your business journey.

Inheritance Tax – Frozen Allowances: a form of “Stealth Tax”?

Inheritance Tax (IHT) allowances are currently frozen and are predicted to stay at these levels for several years.

This frozen allowance policy is a smart way for government to effectively take more tax.

The consequence of freezing allowances is more pronounced than it may first appear, as more Estates are drawn into the IHT net, the tax take on Estates goes up, and in some cases significantly so, because of the way the residence nil rate band works.

This is a video which draws out all these points and guides you how to deal with this.

Inheritance Tax – Gifting

Making gifts is one of those things that may seem straightforward but is anything but.

If you wanted to make gifts, do you know how these will impact, for better or worse, your IHT liability/position?

Do you know how to make gifts most tax-efficiently?

This video explains the relationship between gifts and IHT to help you underrated this complex position better.

Inheritance Tax and your Pension

A common question many people ask if “what happens to my pension on death?” The answer is “it depends…” As not all pensions are treated the same way.

Whilst many will pay out to beneficiaries tax-free, there are often caveats and conditions.

And when it comes to IHT, the tax position of a pension may throw up planning opportunities to reduce or mitigate tax, as this video describes.

Inheritance Tax – Exemptions and How to Use Them

The tax rules and regulations in the UK are convoluted and extremely in depth.

Within the IHT legislation, there are numerous exemptions available to individuals, couples and families, exemptions which mean certain assets, investments or gifts don’t have tax applied to them.

Understanding these exemptions, when and how they apply is crucial for anyone looking to avoid paying unnecessary tax, as the video explains.

Inheritance Tax – Life Assurance, Trusts, and Charity

Planning to avoid or reduce IHT is inevitably linked to planning legacy wishes.

The two go hand in hand. In this respect sometimes the simplest way to deal with a potential IHT liability is to use life assurance.

Then there are occasions when a trust makes perfect sense. And for many people they also want to think about a charitable bequest.

All of these aspects will impact your decisions how best to plan a legacy and how best to plan to reduce IHT.

The video outlines this in more datils.

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